The workshop is taught by Antonin Passemard and Anastasia Dukhanina in Spain.


In the town of Toledo Spain. It is a medieval town next to Madrid. The town is easily accessible by train from Madrid.


April 12-21 2023 During the beautiful Spring.

What will you learn?

The goal of our workshop is to develop your own style and your own language. We will work together to see how you can improve your ideas and impressions in your paintings. We will focus on drawing, value and composition, this key elements will help you to make stronger paintings in your own style. We will also visit the museum of Sorolla in Madrid and the museum of El Greco in Toledo.

How much does it cost?

The workshop tuition costs 1100 euros.

Where to stay?

We suggest those hotels and airbnb at different price range all downtown.

District around Santa Iglesia Catedral Prima de Toledo.

-Hotel Carlos (3 stars) 3stars, but looks like the most fancy one around 110euros

-La posada de Manojo marked like 2stars but looks fancy(in medievel building) 57-86 euros

-YIT CONQUISTA DE TOLEDO 3stars perfect location 45-65euros

-Hotel Eurico 3stars 45-60euros

-La Casa De Los Infantes this is an appartemant service, prices from 80-300euros

-APARTAMENTOS EL POZO AMARGO also appartement service

Where to eat?

Needless to say that you have the choice. Meals are around 15euros.

Restaurante Marrakech

Bar Restaurante la Oficina home cooking

And for fun?

hiking, restaurants, historical sightseeing...

We will also visit the museum of Sorolla in Madrid and the museum of El Greco in Toledo.

-El Prado museum One of the best museum in the world!

-Sorolla Museum An amazing museum filled with his sketches and paintings. It is a must!!!


When should I arrive and leave? You should arrive April 12th and leave the 21st.

How much is the deposit? The deposit is 500 euros. It is 100% refundable (minus 50 euros process fee) until 1/1/23, 50% refundable (minus 50 euros process fee) after 2/1/23 until 1/2/23, 0% refundable after 1/2/23. However you can use your deposit for any other workshops of us in the future.

How do I get there? Toledo is easily accessible from Madrid by train. We will give you personnal directions on how to get there according to your plane arrival.

Do I need to bring my paint supplies? I recomend that you bring your easel. As for paints you could order them through me at least before 1/2/23. Turpentine will be able to be purchase there.

Can I come with my non-painter spouse? Yes! Of course. Every year we have spouses coming and having a good time here.

I never painted plein air, is it a problem? No problem! We get a lot of people with different skill levels from absolute beggingers to professional painters. As our teaching is very individual it is not a problem.

When do I need to make the full payment? Typicaly before 1/3/23.

Do you propose a payment plan? Yes! We propose a monthly payment plan to fit your budget.

MORE QUESTIONS? contact me

Video presentation


You have registered. We will contact you back soon. Thank you!

List of Supplies

Oil Paints

Titanium White—large tube

French Ultramarine

Alizarin Crimson

Cad Red Lt

Cad Yell Lt

Cad lemon Yell

Cad orange

Raw Sienna

Yellow Ochre

Raw Umber

Thalo Blue


Brushes, palette knives, palette, trash bags

Canvases and wet canvas carrier

small boards for quick studies

Rags or paper towels

Plein Air Easel

Warm Clothing as needed

Portable stool

Sketch Book and pencils

Camera, water bottle, comfortable shoes